Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm sitting on the patio with my iPad while the husband sits to the left of me with his Apple computer; the smoked glass round table we are lounging around is covered with graphs and charts. The husband is updating some work information apparently. The TV suspended from the moveable arm attached to the wall is tuned in to HLN. The verdict on the Arias trail is not in yet. We have watched this trial for the past 4 months and now the jury is deliberating. They have been "out" for 3 days now. I would have thought they would have returned with a verdict quicker then  this. We wait. The talking heads are ad nausea on the coverage desperately trying to fill the blank while waiting on the jury. Much like a TV serial show, after two many years running, the story lines tend to get a lot silly before the show finally crashes and burns and is taken off the air, by this time much to the relief of an audience that has long since disappeared. That's how I feel watching the commentators on this trial try to keep an audience. I'll disappear into the house and leave this TV tuned to the husband's choice. The living room TV will be switched on and to another channel.

I did accomplish a goal today. The Grand Marquis got a good bath. I scrubbed the body, the tires and the wheels. The windows were cleaned last night. I had to park it beneath the Maple tree to wash it. I'm not allowed to get water overspray on the husband's "always clean Dodge". The Solstice was also moved beneath the Maple tree and rinsed off. It was clean but covered in pollen so a rinse was sufficient.

I'm feeling fine today and my strength is returning slowly. I can get more done each day before I have to take a break.  Walking around Walmart is now an easy walk for me. That's the telling factor in my quest to fight the weakness from the procedures, surgeries and chemo.

I'm showered and in fresh pajamas. Not that I plan on going to bed but I'm interested in comfort and my pajamas are comfortable. I'm going to move from here to the lounge chair and hang out here for a while. We are going out to dinner tonight. I'll get dressed then.

I'm gone.


  1. I'm pleased to hear that your energy is returning. Don't overdo it though!

    Tuned in this morning to get the verdict,missed it live because of the time difference. Not a surprise really.

  2. Well..after the O.J. trial and the Casi Anthony trial...I was in doubt that our justice system would ever get it right.
    I'm pacing my husband calls it. I'm so excited that I can do more and more every day. I seldom get a nap...and there is so much I want to get done around her. The husband cleans but.....he doesn't do it the same way I do. I AM grateful that he does what he does...but...geeze...I fold the laundry different from him.....lolol....such petty stuff huh?

    1. No...not's just the way we are. At our age we are used to things being done the way that suits us. My husband tries hard too,but I end up re-doing stuff...I suspect you probably do the same!

  3. yes..exactly..and I'm still trying to find my "stuff' that has been rearranged while I was recuperating. They put things in the strangest places...not where it will be convenient..I'm always puzzled by this. We are busy cleaning up the patio today...he is painting a table base....and doing a fine job of


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