Thursday, May 9, 2013

Getting Things Done

It started early this morning. I thought I would tidy up the house a bit. One chore has led to another and from cleaning beneath the kitchen sink, rearranging cookware and sorting through the dishtowels, I've been busy. The French doors from the patio side needed scrubbed. I had touched them with hands that were wet with wood stain. Mold and mildew creeps over everything  on the exterior and a good wash with bleach and water melts it away. While I was busy scrubbing , the husband took apart the patio table and painted the base.  When he ran out of paint we headed to Walmart.

This has been an all day project. I wanted the little refrigerator relocated and since there is no electrical supply in the corner where I wanted it, he is now rigging up a long extension that will be hidden beneath the siding.

The urns across the front of the house had ferns in them and they were in pitiful shape. The ones on the patio that he has repotted are beautiful now. Another task for him. It sounds as though I have assigned him a lot to do but I have been doing my share.

Burgers on the grill is on the menu for tonight. Ciabatta bread instead of hamburger buns and a salad and a quick clean up; it's summer!

I've felt great for the past days. My ole hyper self is almost back. I seldom have to take a break and a nap has been way off the radar lately.  I walked around Walmart today. No fatigue and no shortness of  breath, I shopped for some summer play clothes for Carrie. This Sunday is her dance recital and we are excited. I'll get my cameras ready for her big debut. We are sitting in the balcony so I won't be filming her but a photographer will be videoing it. It's part of her dance package that we have paid for all year.

It's time for me to get back to work before the husband notices that only one of us is being productive.
I'm done for now.

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