Friday, May 24, 2013

Shopped Out

I started to leave the house in what I had on....a pair of painted stained cotton capris and a t shirt that must have been worn at the same paint party the capris had attended. On second thought, I took the time to slip into the shower, get dressed, use some eyeliner and a bit of lipstick. I took the blow dryer and sprayed my hair to give it some lift and then sprayed it with some hair spray, sandals found and I was out the door.

Steins, Home Depot, and McDonald's I visited. McDonald's doesn't sell wash machines but by the time I had finished with Stein's and Home Depot, I opted for a breakfast and coffee stop. My car was running on fumes so I swung by Walmart to fill it up and 50.00 later I'm on my way to Lowe's.

I think  I have made a decision. A top loading Maytag..or maybe an Amana or maybe a Whirlpool. All the mentioned brands are made by Whirlpool. It seems that Whirlpool has been doing well enough to buy out all the other brands. I went online and looked at the consumer's reviews which makes it even more difficult as some of them give glowing reports and some claim the product as crap. I'll just hold my breath and bring something home.

My new washer will not have all the bells and  whistles. IF appliances only have a 6 to 8 yr life, then I'll make sure I spend as little as possible.  Memorial Day sales start tomorrow ...state tax voided and free delivery so I'll have to go back and pay for something.

The husband cooked tonight and tomorrow we may be looking for a garbage disposal. He tossed the nesting measuring spoons into the garbage disposal and I went in and hit the switch. The noise as the garbage disposal chewed up those small metal measuring spoons cause me to freeze for a few seconds. I turned off the switch and then proceeded to get it working again. Of course we tried all the usual things; the reset button and then spinning the grinding wheel counter clockwise and still no success.

I think it's toast but the dinner was great.

Have a safe Memorial Day and enjoy those burgers and hotdogs.

Breaking News:..the garbage disposal is now operable.....whew.

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