Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Few More Days

One more day this week and three days next week and Carrie will no longer be chauffeured to school. We have only been doing this for a month and already we are ready for it to end.
This morning I drove the roadster to school. The children exit the cars on the left directly onto the sidewalk to the school. Usually Carrie sits in the back seat in the Marquis, the teacher opens the door and Carrie exits and walks into the school. Since the roadster doesn't have a back seat, she rides up front with me and is on the RIGHT side of the car. Her exit hasn't been a problem until this morning. The teacher usually just walks around the front of the roadster, opens Carrie's door and Carrie walks with her back around the front of the car and onto the sidewalk in front of the school.

This morning, a teacher said "Oh, you will have to pull up to the end of the driveway and have her climb over and into the driver's seat so she can exit on the left."

Are you kidding me? The traffic moving in front of that school is less the 5mph. Everybody is creeping along to let their child/children exit their vehicles.

I pulled ahead, got OUT of the car, walked around to Carrie's side and opened her door, took her by the hand and walked her around the front of the car to the sidewalk where she walked back to the entrance of the school. There was no danger of being hit..nobody moving.

Tomorrow morning I have a plan. I will wait until most of the cars have dropped off their charges and I plan on backing the roadster around the circle, thereby putting Carrie on the left side so her door can be opened and she can get onto the sidewalk. I didn't see a sign anywhere that says the car has to be facing forward to enter the circle.

In the afternoon, I have never had a problem with picking her up in the roadster. The teacher walks around to her side and delivers her into the car with never a problem.
I remember the days when we rode the school bus and the driver got off the bus and flagged us across the street to our homes. Now they have that metal arm that swings out that is supposed to be a replacement. Last year a little child was dragged to death with that metal arm.

When Carrie rode the bus, we made sure we watched her climb the stairs and get seated on that bus.

I'm still amazed as I write this that the teacher standing there thought her instructions made any sense. Sometimes education does not equal common sense.

Hopefully this is not a prelude to what my day is going to be like.

I'm hoping the rains have ceased. I want to wash both the cars today and do a little shopping.
I have to go to the pet store and get Bugsy something to put her food in. I was ignorant of the fact that rabbits shouldn't have anything plastic in their area. She has nibbled the plastic feeder that was put in her run. It will be removed today and a metal one will replace it. She also needs a mineral wheel to gnaw on. The Sun Shades placed yesterday are working well for her. She had shade now when the sun dips down over her hutch around 1430 hrs.

I have stuff to do..I'm moving on.

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