Monday, May 20, 2013

Carrie is Toasted

Carrie is a car rider. She no longer rides the bus. It was too choatic for her so we decided to take her "to and from" school. She gets to sleep in a bit longer now and either her mom or me share the responsiblity of driving. Sometimes April rides with me and we get to chat a bit but as soon as April returns home she gets right back to the business of sleeping. I only wish I could get into that habit, but then again I would be afraid of missing something if I slept that much.

Carrie returned home from her weekend in Lydia a bit scorched. Her little face and back and arms were toasted a bright angry red. That about describes her attitude this morning too. I gave her a couple of ibuprofen to numb the pain, wiped her tears and sent her off to school. I have promised her she can come to my house this afternoon after school. She has only one week left and I'm thrilled. I intend on taking her with me on trips when I can go with the husband. She can spend lots of time in the pool which she loves. Zoos, movies and pools and a little shopping, Ms Carrie will be a happy traveler.

The husband is mowing the lawn and I'm trying to keep busy here inside the house. It's hot and I don't like hot. I would rather be inside cleaning house then outside sweating.

In anticipation of Carrie's visit this afternoon, I'm cooking. Baked Steak and gravy over rice which is her very favorite food. I have a huge skillet simmering it's way to tenderness. I'll package some of it up in individual portions and freeze it for her for later after she has her meal this afternoon.

It's shower time and it's also court time on the Jodi Arias trial. Today might be the last day for this marathon trial event. I can't help but think of the almost two million dollars spent on her defense. Amazing!

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