Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm Exhausted!

It's only noon here but I have been up since 0500. At 0600 it was daylight and I was outside cleaning on Ted's car.

Before my cleaning spree I spent a little phone tilme with Doris. She is a very smart centered woman and I love our phone chats. We don't do them often but I enjoy her "lunch dates" with friends and the updates she gives. Doris lost her husband a year ago. I remember the date because it was on my birthday. That sucks as I'm sure every year when my birthday rolls around it will be a sad date for her.

 Back to my adventures on cleaning Ted's car. I wanted a detail clean so I started with washing the outside of it which was the fastest thing to do. Wheels, tires and body was washed, the trunk was next. I emptied all the contents onto the driveway and cleaned and organized it. The floor mats, I forgot to mention were vacuumed and then sprayed off to sit in the sun to dry.
Then the interior started. I use the leaf blower to blow everything out from beneath the seats. Then the vacumn to do the rest.  When Ted woke up he joined me in the cleaning. We have been vacuuming, window cleaning, and using a small brush to clean out the ac vents and around all the buttons on the dash. It's an all day job to really clean a car as it should be. All the vinyl had   be washed down and right now Ted is beginning to spray vinyl preservative on it. He is getting into this cleaning and I'm happy about that. As long as he has his MP3 player plugged in and his phone charged up, he stays with it.
........and I'm exhausted. I was going to load the roadster up and head to Baton Rouge this afternoon.  I may still do it but I'm going to have to take a rest break and the roadster needs some cleaning done to it too. I dislike driving a dirty vehicle. I don't know if I have enough energy to start on it. Maybe I can talk Ted into vacuuming it out and helping me with it.
I'll only be staying a couple of days in Baton Rouge. I think. The husband's job is not slated to be a long one but as usual there are having problems on the rig. I think I'll go pack. I can rest later.

I'm done here!

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