Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Beverly HIllbillies

Bugsy, the rabbit, the one that used to live with me but now lives at the daughter's house, has been on my mind a lot lately.

April bought her a 3 tier condo when she moved from here. It has an open floor that sits directly on the ground, the second floor has a drain pan that slides out and the third floor is her hidey hole. The hidey hole is a compact space much the size of a shoe box where they can sleep and feel safe. The roof of this condo is covered in green shingles. The whole house is about 3ft by 3 ft square and about 4.5 ft in height. This is not an exact picture of the condo but the colors of the wood and the roof and size are about the same.

Poor Bugsy. She has a fancy home and no yard. I've felt bad about this as I know she enjoyed her "run" when she lived here. Sometimes during the early morning hours when I couldn't sleep, I would peek out the dining room windows to where her hutch sat. She would be doing springs into the air, twisting her body as she spun and landing facing the opposite direction. She would race around the perimeter of her fenced yard, dart into her house and back out and make another run, jump, twist and turn.

Today we loaded up her "run". It is metal wire attached to a wood frame that sits on the ground and one end is open to slide her condo up to it. I thought we could get it into April's Cherokee Jeep until we dragged it out to the driveway and realized loading it INTO the Jeep wasn't going to work. We loaded it onto the top of the Jeep. She got in the driver's side, I rode shotgun. With the windows rolled down, we grasped the edges of this and headed for her house. The Beverly Hillbillies have arrived!

We made special note of the cars we met and their expressions. At least it wasn't a mattress.

It took only a few minutes to set it up, stake it down and move her condo to it. We opened the door of the first floor of her condo and watched. She stuck her head out, pulled herself back and then gradually she stepped out into her new yard space. She hopped around a bit and then she did it. She sprang into the air whirled around and landed, raced around the perimeter then she disappeared into her house.

She hopped from floor to floor and into the top floor and into her hidey hole. I think she just wanted to check to make sure she still had her home.

When I left she was sprawled in the shade of her condo chewing on some fresh moist grass.

I'm much relieved that she has more then a 3ft by 3 ft. square to live in. I think I saw a grin on her face. I know there was one on mine!

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