Friday, May 10, 2013

Extra...and There will Be

Where do you keep your spare key?

We got the rain that was predicted. It started at 0300 hrs this morning. I listened to the thunder rolling around the skies, some of it a short piercing burst of sound and at other times it rolled out short and escalated to a peak and backed off into silence. All thunder does not sound the same. Slow down and listen closely to it. I like the storms; the rain, the light show and the audio.

Today the rain continued but a soft steady rain which lowered the temperatures yet again.

Early afternoon I changed from my pajamas into a pair of sweat pants and along sleeved shirt. April was going to ride along with me to pick Carrie up at school.

The rain had now changed from a soft rain to bursts, heavy and wind blown. I do not like driving in this weather. Driving in rain doesn't bother me. It's all the car wrecks you see as soon as the roads get wet. I would prefer to just be safe at home.

I had forgotten that Carrie had to go to staging tonight for her dance recital on Sunday. The little girls have to go on stage and do their routines so they can spot their locations and view the audience area from where they stand.

Since it's now pouring the rain, I pulled up to the canopy at the Heyman Center and let Carrie and April get out of the weather. A parking space was available just across from that canopy so I parked the car and then debated on whether I wanted to take my cell phone and purse into the building. Why? I ditched the purse onto the floorboard on the passenger side, hit the "lock" button on the door panel and slid out of the car and tossed the door shut.

It was at that time that I realized I had just locked my keys into that car. The extra set that the husband kept has disappeared. Damn! Taking a deep breath, I smothered a few cuss words and headed for the building.

I borrowed April's cell phone and phoned home. The husband doesn't answer a phone unless that number has been stored in his cell and recently April changed phones with a new number  so he didn't recognize the it.

I called Pop A Lock. The nationwide center answered and as I was giving them directions, I walked back to the car and tested the back door. That door never locks using the remote. It was unlocked!  I cancelled Pop A Lock and opened the back door, balanced the umbrella over the car door shielding myself from the downpour and  crawled across the front seat to hit the control that unlocks all the other doors.
This means my purse and cell phone were left in an unlocked car. Had someone stolen my purse they would have had my keys; they hang on a metal loop on the purse strap. They could have driven off with the car, the cell phone AND my purse. I was so frustrated at this point but so relieved that I could get in the car.

You might wonder why I have never had an extra set of keys made? Well, the key has a chip in it. It costs upward of 150.00 to get  a key made that will work in the ignition. 

After talking to the daughter, I will have a key made tomorrow. I can get one made that will just open the doors but won't start the car for a couple of dollars. I just need to get inside to get to my keys should this happen again and I'm sure it will.  

We watched Carrie on stage, stopped at the grocery store and finally made it back home.
The rain has stopped for the moment. I'm going to find my pajamas and stay hidden in the house. I've had enough excitement for today.
Tomorrow I will be at the locksmith.

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  1. that's why I used to wear a car key around my neck!1 Jimmy would lock me out


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