Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Mother's Day Pre Post and a Chemo Run on Monday

Sunday is Mother's Day. I picked up the phone last night and phoned April's house. After a short conversation with her, I asked to speak to Carrie.
Carrie loves gifting people. She scrounges around her possessions and peeks in her change purse for a few coins to add to her gift.  I was at the school last week and Ms. Bezzio, a former teacher for Ted when he was in grade school came up to say hi. She shared with me that Carrie had bought her a gift and what was in it. I don't think Carrie told anyone of her gifting. She wanted to give and give she did.
Knowing this, I whispered to Carrie in our phone conversation. Carrie loves to be whispered to. It takes the conversation to a level of secrecy and what little girl doesn't like a secret?
"Let's go shopping tomorrow for your mama. We can get her a gift and some flowers for Mother's Day!"
Since I was in whisper mode, she immediately followed my example and whispered back and I could hear the excitement in her voice. A gift, a secret and a whisper, Carrie was in for this date with her Nana.
While I'm out, I'll get that extra key cut for my car and Monday  is chemo day. It's time for my doctor's appointment, lab work and the IV Chemo. I start back on the Xlodea by mouth for 14 days. There will be a follow up report here Monday  afternoon.
I'm off to the patio to watch the rain and the morning news.

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