Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Today....I'm sure of it

All weekend I prepared myself mentally for Monday...the chemo run. I even blogged about it. I gathered up my burgundy carrier that has my appointments, all the communications from the insurance company, bills that have been paid and bills that are still outstanding and laid it on the coffee table beside my purse and car keys. I was prepared. The iPad was on the charger along with the iPhone.

I looked at the appointment card and found I had dropped the ball. The appointment was in Tuesday!
Calling April to notify her that the date was wrong, I switched plans for Monday.  A list of errands kept me busy throughout the day. I stayed on the road running here and there. Pat wanted some more pictures taken of some property to add to the ones I had already shot for her. I finished those late yesterday afternoon while we still had a little daylight left.   I zipped down to her house to print them for her and then returned home as dusk was settling in.

House work that had been avoided all day still waited on me. I ran the sweeper quickly to get all the glitter off the floors and furniture. Carrie loves bling and she had been "creating" on the office desk while I sat at the computer working on the photos I had shot of her on Sunday. Everything glowed from glitter gracing the surfaces of desk, floor and chair.

One of  my errands was to buy some printer ink. I planned on handing out photos to everyone at the dance recital but was defeated on that plan. No ink.

 Loading up the printer, I printed out 4X6 sizes and one 8X10. The large one will be framed and presented to Carrie's mom (usually referred to here as "the daughter").


I've been awake since 0400 hrs. Sometimes that happens and when it does, I get out of bed and get busy. A pot of rice is cooked and a skillet of baked  steak is tender and buried in gravy. I'll pack Carrie's lunch today.

Speaking of...Carrie had most of her hair cut off yesterday. She wanted it short and her want was fulfilled. Short for the summer, easy care...we both love it!

Shower time and chemo time. If I feel well tomorrow, I might head to Port Allen to hang out with the husband. Some Holiday Inn time and some pool time , I'm ready to make a little trip and it's close to home!
I'm done for now..and gone.

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