Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Mayo

What a strange couple of days here in the south. We are still in the south aren't we? Did somebody tip the map upside down or roll the globe to a different altitude and latitude?

The wind is whipping the Maple tree limbs around again. The sun is shedding rays but the temperatures are cool and almost chilly. Last night the temperatures dipped into the 40's. This is unheard of here in the deep south for this time of year. Not this March but the year before we were cruising around in the roadster, the top down, in shorts and t shirts and cold drinks in hand. My sister in law was visiting and we were out site seeing every day.

 This past March she was here again with her son and grandsons and  the weather was so cold we were in sweat pants and long sleeved shirts. It continues. I'm not complaining as hot weather is really not my time of year. I'm enjoying this weather but it's so odd it's almost scary.

Housework. That's been my job this morning. One more bathroom to clean and I'll be done. I don't mind doing it usually as I can't stand to not have a tidy crib. I always feel better after a cleaning and organizing spree. It's a huge relief to know where everything is and where it is supposed to be.

The husband made a trip to the store and returned with some boudain and cracklins. He favors the boudain and I like the cracklins. It's so unhealthy that we only indulge in a very small amount. This town is the heart center for South West Louisiana and I can understand why. The food here is awesome and usually smothered in gravy. There is a sandwich here that has gravy slathered over the meat between the bun. Rice makes up a large portion of a meal and "'smothering" is done to almost everything.

Carrie should be returning this afternoon. April had to remind me that we only miss talking to her for one day. Saturday. Friday evenings we take her to see her Dad. She spends Saturday with him and we don't bother them. It's her time with her father and Sunday afternoon she is back with us. I suppose it's just knowing that she is not just a mile from my house and easily accessible.

It's Cinco De Mayo...which might not be celebrated where you are but in the event that you do, have a happy one!

It's time to get back to housework. I'm done here.


  1. The weather everywhere seems to have changed. It's almost like the seasons we are used to have disappeared...met up mixed up..then sent back to the wrong place.

    I'll have to google Cinco de Mayo.

    1. 49 degrees here this morning..another chilly one!


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