Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unlocked And Unloaded

I read and bite my tongue. I'm talking about Facebook. How does one share with the world at large and thereby exposing their ignorance on all things. Hey. The Internet. You've heard of it, yes? Maybe you don't use it for research?  The postings are rife with misinformation. Most of the time I scroll past the worst offenders. And then there is the religious postings. There is the threats that if you don't repost this...and blah and blah and more. I tire easily of most of this. The humor postings, at least, aren't quite so intrusive.
I have friends that will call me and ask me to get my telephone book out and look up a number for them. Huh? What telephone book? Those went the way of floppy discs years ago in my house. Remember the floppies that weren't? Floppy, I mean. Who named those anyway?
My hands reach for my computer as soon as I have a question. It's just so automatic. Much like the younger population that grew up on them, I have been on the Internet for far longer then most of the people in my age category.
As I look back to the start of this post, I wonder how I strayed so far from what I thought would be the topic. Much like working an algebra problem, one line has led to another line and down the page I've gone which has bought me to this line.
I unlocked and unblocked on my Facebook page. As I did this, I thought "I don't post much anyway."  "I seldom comment on posts I see."  I went to my homepage on Facebook and to my amazement it's full of stuff that apparently while under the influence of Ambien, my fingers escaped to the keyboard. That's my excuse anyway.
I don't whine on Facebook. Occasionally I share a photo that someone else has posted. Occasionally I will answer a question posed about my health. Most of my communication on health matters I post on my blog (this one) as it is not as public as Facebook  and usually anyone visiting it knows me personally or at least has had some contact with me via phone or Internet.
Apparently my status inspired a message from a niece living abroad that wanted to touch base with me. I read her message and sent a response. Again, the Internet is an awesome tool albeit at times a dangerous one too.
For those without the Internet, the cell phone revolution and unlimited talk times have allowed access to two of my brothers. They call to check on me every other day and sometimes daily.
Sometimes living far from family is difficult and sometimes it's something I can appreciate and most of the time I'm just content to be where I am.
I'm closing this down now and leaving my Facebook unblocked and unloaded  (as opposed to  locked and loaded) and should creepy things begin to happen, a click of an icon in privacy mode puts me back where I began.
It's post time and past time for my shower. G'night.

An addendum: Brother Joe just phoned. He is in Charleston and in a hospital room. Apparently his visit to his cardiologist didn't go well. They discovered he had an irregular heart beat so they wanted to monitor him overnight. He might require a change in his medications. Best wishes for his health and wellness.
It's now my bedtime for real!

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