Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Lot of Action

What happened? It seems that everyone is suddenly busy. The husband decided since the temperatures outside were enough to dry rain drops on contact with the concrete, he would start house repairs. He has been a busy man around here. From the yard work and his garden and now to house repairs, he is hardly ever indoors. The fascia board on the front and the back of the house needed replaced. He started on the back today to make sure he had the procedure down.
While he was busy on the house, the daughter was setting up her pool. This is a new one and it's huge. Ted was helping and when I arrived to take a peek, the water hose was gushing forth at full force. It's going to take a while to get it filled.
And you might ask, what kept me busy? Jeff called to tell me he had his computer back and could not get it online. I swung by his house and spent time getting him online and finding his websites that were deleted in the scrub of the hard drive.
Everyone had something to do that kept them busy most of the day. I tried to make sure my activities were ones that kept me indoors and cool.
I'm headed for a shower. This wasn't a boring day but recalling it here makes for a boring post. I'm done and I'm out of here!

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