Friday, May 24, 2013

More Rain

Awake at 0300 hrs, I switched on the television, kept the lights off in the hopes I might drift back into sleep.

I have to go shopping today. A new washer is in my future. The repair man said he owned the same washer as the one I have and the same thing happened to it. I will try something other then a Sears Kenmore this time. I'm going to Home Depot and Lowe's today. I won't be buying a top of the line washing machine. The life expectancy of an appliance these days is 7 to 8 years. That goes for "top of the line" appliances; why waste my money. I'll buy a top loader this time and one with few bells and whistles. Another thing most people don't use is all the bells and whistles.

Another storm blew through here last night and while I sat on the patio and watched the action, chill bumps covered my arms. I was amazed that this was happening at the end of May in this area of the country. It's downright frightening. Usually a storm brings more heat and humidity. You think maybe global climate change might in fact be a real thing?

We have been predicted to have more hurricanes this year and more severe ones. There's that pesky ole global climate change once again.

I've been watching people thank God for surviving that storm in Oklahoma. I sit here and wonder why "God" even allowed a storm to strike that city and take those lives and make so many people miserable. I'll never understand the reasoning of the devout.

Another woman posted on FB about someone being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and after a few more tests, it's not evident and apparently she considered this a miracle. Doesn't she watch the news and how many people are diagnosed "false positive" on cancer? We would get blood test results back that were questionable and have to rerun the tests. Many times, the machines were off or the blood had sat too long or there wasn't enough discarded before drawing the sample. I feel people are desperate for some indication to prove their belief in their God. Let's not even get into the zealots. Zeal.....zealots. I can barely tolerate the continued postings back to back of what a friend calls "too churchy". I usually "unfollow" which leaves the person still a "friend" but you must then go to their wall to read anything they post. It cleans up my wall from all the stuff they have signed up for and is automatically plastered on their page on a daily basis. Thank you Facebook for this option. It's just a wonderful thing.

By golly, I do believe my eyelids are getting a bit heavy. I'm going to take a nap...and it's a barely 0600 hrs!

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