Monday, May 27, 2013

We Have Been Too Busy for The Internet

It's the end of the school year and it seems that it signals the end of other endeavors. We went to Carrie's dance recital and the days leading up to it were hectic. Her school had awards day today and we were up early and to the school to be there for her.
Her reading level is 3rd grade 9 months. Carrie can read! She is but a 1st grader but her reading skills granted her a document and a metal. She received other awards along with her peers. Her sister and Kristen showed up along with Maw Kathy, April and myself.
Shane gifted us with tickets to a live theatre performance and yesterday (Sunday) we were at Angelle Hall at the University to watch a live performance of The Little Mermaid. I have mixed feeling about live theatre. I get too distracted by off stage doings; I can't lose myself in it and make myself believe in what is happening on stage. Even the voices used appear to be too loud and too unnatural. Film has ruined me for live performances. I do enjoy ballet and any form of live dance performances. Strange, I know but I can appreciate the difficulty of what the dancers are doing much the same way watching skaters or professional athletes exhibit their skills.
Last year we went to see Beauty and The Beast. We all enjoyed it. This year, the Mermaids looked a bit ridiculous and too unbelievable as they rolled across the stage in their heelies (those shoes with wheels on the heels) while their mermaid tails sprouted from their hips. Ariel was the same girl that performed the lead in Beauty and The Beast. Her voice is beautiful. This is her last year in this group. She is majoring in theatre and is off to LSU next year.
Yes, we have been busy. I had to get a new washing  machine and it was delivered today and in a few days, the people from Lowe's will be here to take this one away and leave me with another. I can do a cold wash and a hot wash but NOT a warm wash. I want all the functions of the machine to operate as they should. Is that demanding too much of a new machine? In this day, maybe so.
We checked Carrie out of school today after the awards and signed a paper saying she wouldn't be there tomorrow. I think the teachers are urging everyone to sign those papers. The teachers will still have to go to finish up their paperwork but they won't have to deal with children. I don't blame them for wanting some quiet time to get their work done.
Carrie is having a pool party tomorrow and I plan on being there. Summer has arrived. Hopefully we can all make a trip to Destin for a few days in a condo on the beach. We plan on combining this as a birthday trip for Ted and Carrie. Usually we go to Galveston for Ted's birthday. This year we are going to try for Florida instead. I want some white sand beaches and some CLEAR blue waters.
I'm off here to catch a quick shower and find some pajamas.

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