Saturday, June 1, 2013

3 More Days

Clinically speaking:
Wooohooooooo, Chemo day on Tuesday! And I'll start back on the Xeloda for two weeks.
8 days post the Chemo day, I'll be back on room temperature everything. No more cold drinks or standing in front of the a/c vent. It's the type of chemo infusion that causes this. I have to say, it has not had as many side effects after that first dose. My submandibular glands no longer clench when I drink something that is not quite room temperature. My fingertips still tingle for those 8 days post treatment.

This treatment will mark the halfway point in the infusion of Oxalablatin (sp). There will be another infusion but I don't know what it will be. I'll continue on with the P.O. meds of Xeloda for the same amount of time. The Femara that halts the production of estrogen will be continued for 5 yrs. My hair, nails and skin remain intact. I'm waiting on the doctor to order an ultrasound of the breast which I'm sure will be followed closely by surgery. I'm waiting.

It's time to go fry an egg and have a slice of toast. I don't take any meds on an empty stomach and then I'm out of here to do some shopping!

Have a happy happy happy Saturday (Carrie loves to say "happy happy happy" from the reality show Duck Dynasty and Uncle Sy.

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