Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh! Happy Happy Birthday Teddy

There is a birthday balloon floating in the air above his car attached to the door handle. He will find it when he leaves the house.

We marched into his bedroom at 0830 and rousted him out of bed. It took some time as I'm sure he and his friend had been up all night playing the XBox games. He isn't scheduled to work today so he wasn't in a hurry to get out of bed. I used the magic words that everyone in April's house knows to come to attention when those words are heard.
Ted, it would "behoove" you to get out of bed and open your gifts. One eye popped open but only for a few seconds. He shifted position in bed and pulled the sheet up a little higher. Carrie, April and I were standing at his bedside. We weren't leaving.

He peeked out again and sighed. Flipping back the sheet, he swung his legs to the floor and staggered from his room. He is still asleep but at least he is on his feet.

We made it to the kitchen table where his gifts were stacked. He collected his clothing and his money and said goodnight to us and headed back to his bedroom. I'm sure a few more hours of sleep and he will bound from that bedroom in his usual busy social self. I wanted to make sure his clothes fit in the event they might have to be returned, I had the sales slip. I think we are going to Galveston for one day and night to go to the big water park. We'll do Destin later. It's going to be difficult to get everybody off work at the same time for the Destin trip.

Now for us. The husband just asked what I wanted to do today. I'm clueless but I know I would like to get out of the house. Maybe we will just get in the truck and drive for a while. Maybe head to Baton Rouge or to the casino for a few hours.

Have I mentioned I have my own personal hot spot? Sounds "x" rated doesn't it? I can imagine sharing that information with someone, oh say, 20 yrs ago. It would either be construed as an open invitation or caused a red faced reaction and avoidance for my crudeness.

Texting is just not my thing so I had it blocked on our cell phones. The problem is, I couldn't send pictures to people that requested them because, believe this or NOT, these people did not have the Internet at their homes so I could email them pictures. Also, I realized that sometimes a text message is necessary. Should the husband be somewhere that disallows phone calls, I could always text him with a message. I know there was a few other reasons I justified going down to the AT&T store to get this added to our phones but right now I can't remember them. I was pleased to find, with this upgrade, which will cost us 20.00 extra a month for both phones (10.00 each), I will have now 4 gigs of Internet or data service! WOW!!

I usually don't use my cell phone for data transfer and had only 250 mgs of data allowed so it was too little to really do much with. Adding text message and checking my service, the salesmen informed me that I could change plans for no extra charge and have unlimited texting, calling AND a personal hot spot. I so wanted to make a wise crack about the "personal hot spot" thing but considering my age, he would have thought I was serious. Young men tend to look at a 64 yr old woman and assume they are not tech savvy. Those whippersnappers think we dined on dinosaur eggs and a side of dinobacon when we were their age.

He was a very pleasant young man and never condescending and I didn't want to give him any reason to think he needed to talk slowly and c  l  e  a  r  l  y       to me.
You know how that goes. I always feel as though they think I'm mentally challenged when they start using that slow cadence and heavy emphasis on enunciation.

I can now turn on the "hot spot" option when I'm away from Wi Fi and get on the internet anyway. I'll be then using my 4 gigs of data transfer but I'll only turn it on when I'm away from a hotspot for Wi Fi. The kicker to this is...I can turn it on to my phone and then synch my iPad to it and get online with my iPad. My iPad isn't a 4G which means it is just one that you have to find a Wifi ( hot spot) to use it. I use it at home with my Wi Fi (hot spot) or at McDonalds and now there are endless places that I can sign on with it. Many fast food places have WiFi (hotspot) and I can even park in Lowe's parking lot and get online with my iPad. Now I won't have to pull over or find a hot spot. I have my very own.

With my PERSONAL hot spot, I can cruise down the highway with my husband and be on the internet. Can I even begin t tell you how excited I am???? I'm having hot spots just thinking about it. I love technology. I can use my iPhone OR my iPad for a GPS. How kewl is that???

I'm more excited about the personal hot spot thing then I am about texting.

I'm out of here. We are going to go gypsy travel for a while.
Have a grand ole day everyone. I plan on it.

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