Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Clinical Update..You Have Been Warned

The labs were done and I'm good to go on the infusion of Oxalaplatin. The pre meds are infusing right now. Apparently I'm one of the people that are super sensitive to this medicine. This is my second infusion and I'll be watched closely at the finish for signs and symptoms of a reaction. All cold things are to be avoided. The bathroom here has now been set up to have heat year round. I had my reaction when I entered that bathroom three weeks ago after the chemo was infused. I was the third person they have had in the facilities to have a reaction after using the chilly bathroom.

Now to the visit with the oncologist. I will be seeing her every three weeks. The infusion of Oxalaplatin will be 6 runs and after today, I'll be down to four! I'm too excited. The Xeloda, taken by mouth, will be required for 6 treatments. Two weeks on and 1 week off.   Another Chemo drug will be started and the Femera will be stopped  until that is finished. The Femera will be required for 5 yrs.  after all other treatments have been stopped.

The oncologist stressed again mine was a complicated case because of the two primaries and it's a juggling act to treat both at the same time.

We discussed switching to 5FU when the Xeloda was not available from the supply here at the clinic. It would be administered through a small pump that is worn in a carrier around the waist and infused into the mediport.

The infusion room is not crowded today. I watch as the patients arrive and settle into their chairs, the infusions started. I'm amazed at their composure. I spoke with one of the nurses and asked about the newly diagnosed.  Scared. That about sums it up for all of us I suppose. She also said by a few more treatments I would be as comfortable here as the others. 

I must say, we have laughed and teased with the staff and it's much easier on this visit.  
Right now I'm going to settle back into this recliner and relax. It's going to be a couple more hours before I'm done here. I won't be rushing out of here but will be under observation for any reactions.

Tomorrow morning I will  make a decision about driving to Port Allen for some Holiday Inn time with the husband unless his job finished up by then.
It's time to haul this pump to the bathroom. Just mentioning bathroom makes me nervous.

I'm going to give it a try anyway. I'm done here for now. Should things not go well, April has instrucions to add to this blog!


  1. Just catching up with the last few posts as wasn't able to comment (again). You know I was thinking how appropriate the title of your blog is right now. Thinking of you every day and sending you love and hugs xx

  2. Im happy to know you stop by and for your concern. I think that's what most of us do here on this earth..plough along.

  3. Best of luck to you Ann. It's a good thing you are retired. Can you imagine trying to work while you undergo all this treatment? 2 primaries would be a complicated thing to monitor. I'm thinking of you.


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