Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm too Old For This

It's been a long day. At noon I was lazing around in my bed when the phone rang. The grandson was delivering Carrie to me and picking up the double boiler. The daughter must be melting chocolate.
I had made a date with Carrie to go shopping so I reluctantly left my comfy bed and got dressed. Of course the stores were crowded, the checkout lanes long and the cashiers sparse. By the time we left Walmart Carrie was ready to go home and be done with shopping.
We had lunch at the house and then headed back out again. Clay pots were our goal and since Walmart didn't have them we headed to Stein's. In and out of the store and back home, we didn't dally. Carrie still had to decorate those clay pots and get them all blinged out.
The husband repotted the plants she had selected and that part of the day was finished and so was I. Resting wasn't meant for a seven year old and now she wants to know when we are going for a bike ride.
Out to the shed we go to pull the bikes out. Of course the tires needed to be inflated. The shop side of the shed holds the compressor. Thankfully the husband took over now and aired our tires up. Carrie did a few practice runs around the patio and we were off.
I won't go into detail about the road rash and the crying and the picking up of her bike and encouraging her to get back on that horse that threw her and ride. "What horse?" she asked. Never use trite phrases on a seven year old. I explained and wiping away her tears, she followed me to Pat's house where we got a cold wet towel to put on her bruises.
I have come to the conclusion that I'm way too old to be hanging out with a seven year old. I remember all the things the daughter and I used to do when she was a child. All the trips we took, the amusement parks and the skating rinks and I gaze at Carrie and all her exuberance and pine for my bed and my nap.
Right now I'm so exhausted from all this play that typing this is the last thing I'll do today before I go comatose in bed.
I'm done..really, really done!


  1. The problem is that our brains think we can still do all the same things, but our bodies tell us otherwise. I am discovering this every time I go to England and spend time with my grandsons. There's so much I want to do with them, but it's not all possible.

    You need to slow down a bit too. Conserve some of your energy for getting through the next few months. Hugs xxx

  2. Yes, my brain forgets the body has aged. I am just so grateful that I finally am up and moving and getting some strength back.
    Children were meant for young parents...being a grand and teaching Carrie to bake cookies is more my stlye now.


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