Thursday, May 2, 2013

What Clean Teeth You Have Grandma

Into the darkened room, the flashes of lightening briefly illuminates the sofa, the table and the chair. I can hear the rain as it smacks down upon the tiled front porch. The Maple tree is visible on the  rapid  bursts of light. It's leafs whip back and forth shedding a few into the wind. Rumbles of thunder, rain and lightening, we have a storm. That was last night. Today the sky shifts dark clouds threatening another down pour. I've been waiting all morning and here it is early afternoon and the clouds still retain their  load of moisture.

This morning I made my way to April's house to pick up Carrie. We sat together at the bus stop. As soon as she climbed aboard the bus, I headed for the Cracker Barrel at the corner to pick up a gallon of milk. Passing Pat's house, I noted her husband standing beside the open door of his car. I halted my trip and stopped in to say "hello". I like Pat's husband Thomas. He is always groomed as though he is heading to his office. He is retired now at 81 yrs old. He sends his clothes out to be starched and pressed. His white hair shows comb tracks through  the waves. He is a very handsome fellow and I have enjoyed many stories from his youth. His father worked at the prison and died there during a jail break when the guards were chasing a prisoner and hit him while in his vehicle on the prison farm. I've listened to him tell me about his years in the Air Force and the missions he ran, the trips to South America to entertain clients on hunting trips and stories about the work his company did around this area. I enjoy listening and he enjoys telling. It was time to move on.

I moved on to get my milk and get back home. I have a dental appointment today for a cleaning and the closing arguments for the Jodi Arias trial starts today. After 4 months of watching this trial, I'm way past ready to see the end of this trial.

Carrie may spend the night. I'm still waiting to hear from her. Maybe I can talk April into bathing her before she gets here. I'm getting lazy.

Right now I'm going to stretch out on this sofa and watch the trial. It's time to move on.

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