Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday,, Day One Without

Does my stomach feel so much better because I'm off the chemo pills today OR is it because I've started taking the Reglan? I don't have that "coffee stomach" feeling. You know the feeling. The one where you dump a bunch of caffeine into an empty stomach and you can then feel the acid sloshing around. You rush to find a slice of bread to soak up some of it. That's the stomach I have on this medication. It could be worse. I could be vomiting every day so I'm thankful that it's no worse then it is. Today is a "sleepy" day for me. Some days I can keep on the move and some days I just want to curl up on the sofa beneath my soft blanket. I'm not going to fight it. I have to accept the fact that some days will be better then others.

The Femera I take each morning is the chemo drug aimed at the breast cancer. I read on the bottle this morning as I was calling in for a refill of it that it says "May cause drowsiness". Really? Ah, so there it is. My reason for feeling drowsy.

I've found that I function best if I have a plan for my day. A goal to strive toward gets me motivated and moving. My goal today was to get my nails done. That wasn't enough of a goal. Finishing that, the sofa beckoned. Had I had a chore lined up, I would have bypassed the sofa.

So here I sit, laptop in lap, TV on some mindless program and I'm drifting off. My new goal is this nap. G'night!

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