Sunday, May 19, 2013

Planet Fitness and Unfit

Thus far Planet Fitness has only been an idea. I haven't acted upon it yet. The location is to be considered. It's open 24 hrs. a day so a time would have to be selected that would miss rush hour.
I'm usually up at 0400 hrs or 0500 hrs. The problem with this is not the timing for myself but for the daughter. I would treat her to the cost for her to go but her usual time of awakening is around noon.

Maybe I should start without her for a couple of months. That would give me time to build up some strength enabling me to stay longer when she accompanies me. I haven't mentioned this to her yet so her first notice might be when she reads this.

There is a fitness center close to the house but you have to sign a membership. I want to try a "pay as you go" type lest I be like so many others that sign a membership only to go faithfully for  a few months then taper off and finally quit altogether.

Doing some online research into Planet Fitness is on my "to do" list. I'll get to it as soon as I finish this typing.

I have air in the tires on my beach cruiser. Maybe I'll make a couple of miles on it in the subdivision before the sun comes up. It's HOT here now. We haven't hit the 90s yet but it's on the way If I do anything outside it will have to be before sunrise.

I'm off to do some research.

I'm back again. There is a membership fee...minimal ...and there are package deals. I perused their web page. Before I sign on any dotted line, I'll make it a point to visit the place.
Maybe I'll go tomorrow. Maybe....

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  1. Excellent idea. I wish we had something similar around here


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