Friday, May 24, 2013

Me and PF

If you don't know what PF is then you just aren't "with it" these days. I know this because my nephew mentions it on his FB and he visited one when he was here in Louisiana cause you can do that with a 20.00/per month black key membership. I think it's called a Black Key or Black Card maybe?

Anyway, I was out and about today and since I was in the vicinity I stopped in for a visit. I got the ten cent tour; the staff was very nice. We walked among the machines and the  clients going nowhere very fast on the tread mill. I inquired if there was a slower speed on them and was assured that "hauling ass" wasn't the only level of exercise on them. Each tread mill has a wire that plugs in to your iPod and iPhone, another remote with headphones that key into the televisions directly in front of you, each one tuned to a different channel. The recumbent bikes and the other ones that look like a normal bike, the step machines which they call elliptical and an area that specifically works the upper body while another area works the lower body. They even have a self induced iron man sort of thing where you push the start button, the green light goes on and you have so many minutes to work on one machine before the light alerts you to halt and then move on to the next machine.
A certain amount of time, that I neglected to remember during Brian's introduction to this, is allotted to get you through the whole course. I won't be attempting this anytime soon but I will proudly inform you when I think I am ready for this. I hope your vision is still good enough to read this blog and you're physically able to get your computers turned on.

The member holding the Black Key/Card is allowed to bring a guest each day. I immediately called April and she said she would love to attend with me. I can't imagine our schedules for exercise will mesh. We will give it a try though.
 A personal trainer will for free set you up with a training schedule depending on what you want to do.
The member can also use any PF in any town they visit. Just show your card and you're good to go. What else? Oh. The tanning beds. All the free melanoma inducing ultraviolet rays your little heart and skin desires is included. I might have to write this off as not one of the things I desire. I remember when tans were so "in". People are wiser now and sunscreen 45 is your best friend.

A family member suffers right now from melanoma that has spread to her brain. The melanoma was on her leg and was removed but not before it had spread. She had no indication until she had blurred vision one day and thought she was having a stroke.
 Sun burns and sun tans scare me now.

I'm off to watch some TV. There is so much going on this weekend around town. I might have to talk to the husband about getting out and about.
I'm done here. It's TV time!

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