Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Have a Clean Machine

or at least we will on Monday morning. I hate being without a washing machine. I'm feeling a bit insecure.  I'm one of "those" people that can't stand a laundry hamper that is but 1/2 full. I'll gather the dirty clothes up and make my trip to the laundry room.

April went with me today to get a new washer. I'm hoping it's not a lemon. This evening I pulled out the clothes rack and the laundry basket, the step ladder and the scales from the laundry room so I could shove the big upright freezer from it's location in the laundry room. The old washing machine would never have enough clearance to get around the freezer so it had to be shoved in front of the dryer. I picked up the rugs and mopped the floor and wiped down the baseboards. I'm ready for the old washer to be removed and the new one to come in.

That will happen on Monday morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else decides to give up and quit. 

I visited the husband's garden today and was just amazed. Just three days ago I had rounded the corner of the house with a friend to visit it and today everything in it has doubled in size. How could those plants have grown that much in three days?

Squash and peppers and tomatoes are hanging on their vines needing a few more days to ripen. My mouth waters thinking of a fresh warm tomato right out of the garden. I don't want them put in the fridge. I want them warm and from the garden to my mouth. 

It's Ambien time for me. I'm gone.

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