Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm Going to see Tiger Mike

I'm in Baton Rouge...almost. Three more miles and across the  bridge gets right in Baton Rouge. I'll make that trip tomorrow but right now I'm bathed and in my pajamas and I'm exhausted. We spent all day cleaning vehicles. It started with one and ended up doing 4 of them. April rolled in and her jeep and decided it was time to give it a bath.

The husband is on a job here and I needed a break. If I had stayed at home I would have found a bunch of stuff to do. Staying in a hotel reliefs all those burdens. The maid will be in with fresh towels and the vacuum. The coffee shop is just down the hall. I haven't had a HI breakfast for many months. The last time, I remember well. I could only tolerate the fresh fruit and cereal. I'm thinking it won't be much more palatable this time but I'm surrounded by fast food places and the Burger King is within spittin distance. Their parking lot adjoins this one. I'm in heaven.

Tiger Mike lives on the LSU campus and I'm going on campus to visit him. I want to drive around the campus, go to the Cortana Mall and to Placquemine.  I want to do a lot of exploring while I'm here. I'm in the roadster and I have my GPS with me so I can find my way around. There is a Long John Silver's here which will definitely be a lunch stop for me. I may even get some to go before I leave here so I can take it to the daughter. We love that northern type frozen fish stuff. The folks here turn their noses up at frozen seafood. I do prefer the fresh Gulf shrimp over the frozen flown in stuff.

I'm ready for bed. I have no choice on this. I'm too tired to type. Done again for now!

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