Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Last Week

Carrie spent the night. Part of it wasn't pleasant. We had a disagreement and since I was the biggest, I won. I hate winning because I'm the "biggest". It makes me feel like the bully on the playground. I had to go into the bedroom and try to fix it. Explaining in a normal tone of voice is all that was required. Carrie is a smart little lady but she is also your typical 7 yr old and of course they will test limits and try to get "by". 

I seldom raise my voice to her nor do I have to. We hugged and kissed and made up and I don't know about her but I felt much better.

This morning she rolled out of bed, made her bathroom stop and then sang out "I'm going to go hang out with Poppy for a while!"

While I fixed her breakfast and packed her lunch she cuddled with her Poppy. The morning was quiet and pleasant. I called out to her "Hey, your breakfast is ready."
I could hear her padding down the hallway in her bare feet.
Dressed and out the door, we kept to our schedule.

She had one request. "Nana, could you pick me up from school?" When I asked why, she said "Cause you get there early and I don't have to wait so long."

I didn't promise and I told her I didn't know what I would be doing this afternoon. I never make a promise to a child if there is a small doubt that I can't keep it. She understood and didn't plead, beg or argue.

She called over her shoulder as she walked into the school, "Nana, you know I love you huh?"

I promise to not be the "biggest" to win another argument when all it would have taken was to just be the adult.

Oh..I almost forgot. This is her last week of school!

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