Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To Rake or Not

Now, where did I put those socks? The ones I wore about 11 months ago. Mother Nature has decided to deliver a cold blow here in the deep south. I could cope with the cold. It's the wind that blows. Again with the tornado warnings this morning. If it blows through, I might be aboard the Trek for a mile or more.
 The upside? All the leaves that were settled snugly around the big maple and feathering out to the edges of the front lawn are gone. Blown to who knows where but I'm sure where ever they ended up, they weren't welcome. I like to think they danced in the wind all the way to the big field at the back of this subdivision. Of course they would have had to make a few turns to the left and go against the wind, but well..let's think positive on this.
I can envision the neighbors down the street gathering them up and returning them. They'll sneak in after midnight and every leaf that was blown to them will be dumped back here and will be 2 ft. deep across the front of the house, the doors and windows covered 6ft up. Unable to swing the door outward to open or climb out of the window, the whole family expires for want of food and water. Too much? Yeah, I think so too.

What's the worst thing that can happen if leaves are NOT  raked and bagged for collection by the city other then the above mentioned? 
 When we lived on the farm, I don't remember ever bagging leaves.  We did rake them into a big pile beneath the tree that shed them, climb the branches of that tree and bail out into the leaf pile. I don't remember the landing being particulary soft either.
 Aren't there nutrients in leaves that are  good for the soil and the insulating factor has to be a plus. Dried and spray painted gold, a hanger in the stem, they could be used to decorate the Christmas tree. Dried, ground up and smoked? Don't think so. I'm sure that was tried years ago by the Native Americans.

It's time for me to move along. I'm on the hunt for that elusive pair of socks and something to wear that goes past my knees.

I'm done.

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