Friday, November 26, 2010

(Gasp) It's Cold Here???

To bed late..and up again at 0630hrs. I peeked outside and its pouring rain. I have no clue who is doing the pouring but I need to shoot a quick email off and let them know I can NOT drive my roadster in this stuff. What's a girl to do? This could ruin my day. I might have to stay home and dust or some other deplorable task like CLEAN something.

It's a bit nippy outside too. The first thing I thought when I opened the door to that tragedy was "no biking for me." I shoulda rode more last night.

Maybe I'll go check out a gym today or a movie? Yeah, it's nasty weather. I just flipped on the television for a weather update. 52 degrees and raining. I got the "raining" part from my weather check out the front door. Tonight the prediction is for 33 degree temperatures. I would head south but I am now  as far south as I can go without having to swim somewhere and I'm on the wrong part of the Gulf to make it to an island. I'll just have to cope. 

I hear the wind and rain and thankfully it's more rain then wind. I had to stay up late last night waiting for the 'all clear' report from the weather channel on the tornado spotted on the ground and headed this direction. It must have towed this weather in behind it.
I'm off to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee and stare blankly at the television screen for a while. When I get fully caffeinated, I'll decide how to fill this day with rain play.

Before I make that pot of coffee, I want to record one other thing here.
This morning, as soon as I stirred enough to open my eyes, I turned to look at the bedside laptop to see if it was in one piece and of course it was. I seldom remember my dreams and many times I doubt I ever dream but I distinctly remember cutting my laptop in half. I had two pieces of a laptop and I have no clue what  reason I had for doing this as that's the sum total of what I remembered when I woke up.  Strange. 
It's recorded. If something weird happens to my laptop, I'll be back to jot that down right here as an "update".
Now for that coffee.................... 

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