Monday, November 29, 2010

Twas A Month Before Christmas

A pot of coffee consumed and my brain starts movement from neutral to drive and I'm off. I rolled my bike to the front and reset the odomoter and before I could mount up and ride, a drizzle of rain started. I sat on my bike on the carport and watched as the roadway turned from dry to very wet. I waited. Soon it was a mist and I tucked my right foot beneath the pedal and spun it backward to it's apex and stepped down on it. I popped out of the carport and headed for the street.
My ride was within three to four blocks of the house. The iTouch was playing Taj Mahal and shuffling through some old music as I did my laps, while keeping an eye on the sky. I would not have been surprised had I been caught in a deluge of rain. It ain't looking good here. Four miles later, I rode back into the carport and dismounted. I'll try to make a few more miles later weather willing. Right now its a humid 70 degrees and I'm wearing my LSU purple and gold sports shorts and a t shirt. If not for it being so humid, it would be a fine winter day here.

I watch as the wind picks up and the branches on the big maple shed more leafs onto the lawn. Usually, by this time at least half of the leaves are on the ground. This year, that tree is hanging onto it's head full of "hair".

I'm off to do some housework type stuff. Carrie is still with me and I want to spend some time with her before I return her back to her mother.
I'm done and gone. I'll publish this later. Who knows.. something interesting might happen around here other then watching the rain pour and me sweat.

1400 hrs. and my cleaning spree is approaching the finish line. I hear the chime of my cell phone and find my neighbor on the other end. She has a favor to ask. I wait for her to continue. "Can I borrow some space in your Little House to store something until Christmas?"

Of course I said "yes" and she shared the purchase of a piece of exercise equipment she was going to buy for her daughter. An elliptical. A stride machine. I'm now waiting on her to arrive with it. As soon as I disconnected from that call, I raced to the bedroom and to the linen closet to grab a sheet and head back to the Little House. You see, just a few weeks ago, the  same neighbors husband was found lugging a huge box to the gate leading to my back yard. As I drove up and got out of the car, he whispered to me that he was trying to get this recumbent exercise bike out of his truck and to my patio before his wife came out of their house and caught him. He requested a small area of the Little House to store it until Christmas and asked if I could cover it with a sheet.  He mentioned something about a Mercedes and I had to tell him " I don't have a sheet that big."
 Soon I will have a mini gym stored in boxes, covered in sheets. 3 children are part of this family. I may run out of storage area if everyone of them decides a piece of exercise equipment is going to be purchased as a gift.
I suggested to the neighbor that they enclose part of their huge patio, put in a/c and give me a key. I'm off to get a shower before the next piece of gym equipment arrives.

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