Thursday, November 25, 2010

FreeBird, Not Turkey Bird

A freebird last night. This bird could hang out alone and untethered. My holiday prep was finished early and I had the remainder of the day to do exactly as I pleased. Well, not EXACTLY. Had I been afforded that luxury, I would have thrown some clothes into the roadster and headed out to a coastal city in the southern part of the USA. Alone and flying down the highway with no specific destination in mind, just a very general section of the USA to explore, this freebird would have flown.
A sense of freedom overtakes me when I  leave alone on a long trip. Wanderlust will always be a part of me. I want my ashes dropped from a plane flying at thirty five thousand feet and 500 miles an hour so as much of me as possible is spread as far as possible.

I have no plans to leave on that trip soon, but one never knows and I've never been one to put off a freebird explosion or experience.

It's time to board the Trek express. The Trek being my bicycle and make a few miles this morning. I've been off my schedule for the past few days. That metal knee just didn't want to cooperate and flex enough to not go flying off the pedal. Flexing exercises before attempting to ride has helped and I got in 6 miles last night.
I have all morning to myself. The family won't arrive here till 1400 hrs. The husband is on location in Wichita Falls and enjoying a turkey t.v. dinner, or so he says. I have a feeling I'm supposed to feel guilty at this news. I also have a feeling that the rig hands and toolpusher will offer some sort of celebratory meal.

I'm off to ride before the predicted rains arrive or the cold temps!
Happy Bird Day.

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