Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Tuesday and a Hot One

November 22 and the sweat gathered around the nap of my neck. It might be time to see if I can gather up my hair into a clip. This is the longest it has been for a few years. The hubs and the daughter are encouraging me to wear it a little longer. Funny thing though. I note ever time the hubs goes to get his hair cut, he gets it clipped shorter and shorter. His take on this? It's easier to care for.
Really? So mine curling down to my shoulders needs no attention?
The a/c has been turned off in many of the stores. Shopping isn't a pleasant  experience. The staff should be passing out towels at the register as the customers rush for the exit to escape the oven presenting it's self as a store. Almost makes one feel sorry for the Turkey.

I sit here watching the ski reports The west is enjoying blizzard conditions while Ilinois is ducking and weaving and reeling from tornadoes. The northeast and west are going to have a crisp white Thanksgiving.

Last night, close to 2300 hrs I visited the grocery store. My reasoning is most people would be home and the store would be a quick experience. Just in, make selections and head for the register. Apparently a few lots of other shoppers made a late night visit to avoid the crowds. The crowds were thin, but the aisle were a nightmare. Pallets of stock were haphardly placed blocking the aisle and there was no whizzing around nor a hasty exit.
My phone decided to go into "who gives a flip" mode and sent me strange messages about being tired, needing a holiday, and something about being overworked. I buried it in a bag of rice just on the off chance that more moisture had disturbed it's delicate balance. This morning it was still spitting out strange messages.
I burrowed through the top drawer in the husbands chest of drawer and found his Nokia. The charger was there along with the car charger. I raced down to Ted's house and had him spend a few minutes finding the place to place the SIM card and I was in business. I'll keep this Nokia until it's time for an upgrade.

It's time to do some bike time. The right knee has to be loosened up and the left quads are sore. I've finally figured out the why of the left quad soreness. It's climbing in and out of that little roadster and using that left leg to push myself up and out of that auto.

Black clouds are pushing across the sky. I could feel a few rain drops against my skin so I turned and headed back to the house. False alarms, the sun peeks out and I am going to head back out to do a few more laps then off to shop for a spiral ham for Thanksgiving.

I'm done with all my errands. I'm ready to do some organizing and tomorrow I'll be in the kitchen. I'll eventually get in the holiday mood. It's almost  Thanksgiving!

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