Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wireless and Dangerous

What happened to my wonderful weather? The rains moved in this afternoon and dragged all kinds of chilly temperatures with it.

Today has been a strange sort of day. It seems that electronics have went "on the fritz" as my dear mother used to say. I often wondered if she had confused her sayings as she often did. She could never quite get them just right so I have often wondered just who "fritz" was.
Never the less, it seems my cell phone didn't appreciate the position it has held while I was doing all that bike riding. I kept it nestled close to my chest (in bra) as I was doing all those sweaty laps and now it seems to have absorbed all kinds of moisture (read salt water) and has become very undependable. I knew I should never have cancelled my land line to this house.
Anyway, I have it turned off tonight and stuffed into a bag of rice. This is supposed to relief that phone of all it's moisture so I was willing to give it a shot. I'll turn it back on early tomorrow morning when I wake to see how well it is recovering if at all.
My bike ride this evening was postponed due to snow. Ok, well, it really wasn't snowing but that rain that was falling was looking suspiciously thick and I though fluffy might be coming so I kept the bike benched on the patio.

The husband decided I needed a bright shiny IPod to go with my shiny red roadster so he rushed off today and bought the second generation IPod which he was drooling over. This thing is almost credit card thin, and is chocked full of wonderful things you can do with it. Need a map? Need an app? Want to watch You Tube videos? Need a camera?  There is a big list of other things it can do though at the moment I'm not sure what they would be. It's my first IPod and I'm sure I will be in discovery mode for a while.

Since his IPod is mothered up to his laptop, he dedicated mine to my own ITunes account where all my music will be stored and he commenced working on loading that IPod.

The laptop decided to go "on the fritz" as my dear get the picture.
We had to move it to safe mode and do a "restore" which cured the problem of not being able to get it up and running. Since then he has been pulling a lot of his music off his ITune account onto a jump drive and moving them onto my ITunes account via my laptop  so they then can be downloaded to my bright shiny new second generation.......ok..well....I'm just repeating myself now.
It's been an evening of tech troubles and as I watch all this IPod drama, I mentioned to the husband "If you die, what happens to my getting any new tunes on this IPod if I dont' learn how to do it myself?"
His reply--"You'll find some other sucker to do it for you."
"Moi" I said. "You know how hard it is finding two suckers in a row?"
Ok, so his sense of humor is nil when it comes to my quick sharp mind. Occasionally he may laugh but this wasn't one of those times.
I know when to keep my mouth shut but usually it's only after the fact.
I have sneaked off to the office to do all this typing while he uses my laptop to do all the IPod stuff.
Oh, a little FYI for you. The IPod has internet connection ability should you find yourself close to a hotspot more commonly known as a WiFi  connection such as McDonalds. Instead of taking my laptop now, I can use the IPod to check my email. The thing I don't like about the IPod is that my email account is always OPEN on it so that means that anyone holding it would be able to touch the "email" icon and instantly have access to all my email.
I'm going to access some information on the web regarding this. I want to be able to sign OUT of my email and not have it open to anyone riding along in my car that decides to pick up my IPod and rifle through my email. Not cool huh? I do like my privacy and I don't think it is unreasonable to want to be the first person to read one's own email.
I will enjoy hours of music on long road trips or while cycling around on my bike.
I'm off to slink into bed and take these half closed eyes for a much needed rest.
One other tidbit of information that must be shared.
Carrie and I rode in the roadster today. I put her booster seat in and tried to buckle her safely into it when she said, "I need a telephone book."
Knowing she can't read and doesn't have a cell phone, I was sure I had misheard what she said. I questioned her on this and she said "No, Nana, it's to go UNDER the booster seat. AT&T was a boost to the booster and elevated her nicely to eye level with the window on her side of the car.
We were off with the top down and her smiling from ear to ear. She loves the little roadster and declares it to be her car which she is allowing me to drive until she gets big enough to drive it herself.
I'm accepting her gracious offer. Sweet child.
I'm off to bed.
I'm done.


  1. Funny!

    I love my iPod -- it is whatever you make of it.

    I hear you about the weather. We got 8 inches of snow today...


  2. OMG Pearl, we got enough rain that it speckled the concrete with drops of moisture but nothing that could combine to make even one rivulet!


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