Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tabu and You

Here it is almost December. It's that time of year again folks. It's Tabu time. To all my high school female friends,  and you know who you are, admit it.
You wore the fragrance called Tabu.  I know you did because everyone of us did. Kathy?  You I remember and associate with the most the Tabu fragrance that was embedded in your clothes, wafted from your hair and embraced you where ever you went.

Finding Tabu on a shelf in a store I find near impossible most of the year but let December rear it's head and walk into any discount store and right there, eye level on the shelf will be a wonderful bottle of Tabu waiting. Sometimes it is offered gift packaged with body lotion so you can intensify the Tabu experience.

Every December I buy a bottle of Tabu and wear it for the entire month. Occasionally, during the following year, I spritz a memory veil of it over my body. I never know when I'll be in the mood for Tabu and the rush of memories it provides.

Just as Old Spice reminds me of my father and Canoe of old boyfriends, Tabu brings back memories of Kathy and Karen and our silly teen years.

Happy Holidays to one and all. You'll know when I enter the room. Tabu precedes me.


  1. Hmmm. I remember Chanel #5 being the hot, hot fragrance. Then along came White Shoulders, which was damn near guaranteed to get me pawing at the ground.

    Old Spice, Bay Rum, Aqua Velva for we males of the species. Then along came Jade East. The ladies seemed to love it and that made it a very good thing.

  2. Oh....Jade was a big turn on too!

  3. Wyoming friend mentioned Brut, a fragrance for men.

    A web site:


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