Saturday, November 6, 2010

Go Little Girl and Glow

My eyes are barely open and my brain feels as though it has left the building along with Elvis.
I'm tired and I need to shut the lid on this laptop but as I haven't committed a word to page today, I'll do a little of that right now and then shut down for the night.

This morning I left the house to go take a spin in that little red roadster. It is fun to drive and  had it been just a bit warmer, I would have done that driving with the top down. It hugs the road and the 5 speed tranny is a keeper. I watched the tach as I took it through the gears after reaching the open road.
She handles quickly in a turn and moves out when pressed to go. Not a bad ride. A lot more comfortable then I anticipated. Road noise is minimal for this kind of car.

I agreed to taking the car so now I wait on the paper work.

Then it was time to spend some time with Carrie. I drove over and collected her and back to my house where we spent the afternoon riding our bikes. She has improved tremendously since that first day of riding. Occasionally she tips over, crawls out from beneath it, sets the bike upright and climbs back on. We rode for an hour today. I kept waiting (hoping) she would tire out in a half hour. I got my ride in though most of it was riding in circles around Carrie. She is very aware of traffic and one time while trying to make sure she was safe from an oncoming vehicle, she took the ditch. She laid sprawled out beneath her bike and was yelling for me to come and help her.

I think she could ride from my house to hers and if the weather permits, we may do a straight ride from here to there to challenge that. Yesterday she wanted to take the roads that lead to Bonin. She knows that is the road outside the subdivision and it will take her home. She directed the ride and I followed and she directed to Bonin. She was so thrilled. It was like she found the escape route and she said "look Nana, look!"
"We are almost out!"
At this I wondered if she thought she was caged into this subdivision.

 I think this child is adventure bound. Exploring and investigating is in her blood. This one is mine. She has the "let's go see" attitude and she comes by it naturally. I think with a little training, I could coax her into being a free bird for a nice stretch of her life. Go fly little bird. See what awaits you out there. There is adventure to be had; good times and bad. The bad times will only make you stronger and more determined to make it. You will learn and develop skills you never knew you had. You will see places and meet people with a different life style, attitude and disposition and all this will be a compliment to your growth. You will learn to accept people as they are not as someone to change. The difference in all of us is what makes us glow. Be kind with your words and actions to others. Causing pain to others is baggage you will carry and  will not make you a free bird. Stop, think and be wise in your life choices. Accept your bad choices and mark them as a "life lesson" and move on quickly.  Go little girl and glow. I love you Carrie Lane!


  1. That girl certainly does seem to have a sense of adventure...and definitely takes after her grandmother! So glad you got the car...enjoy!!

  2. Thanks Linda! The car and baby girl are both keepers!


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