Sunday, November 21, 2010

By The Light of The Moon

It has been about one month now since I started my bike odessey. We had been to New Orleans to the Blues Festival. Walking around that weekend, I realized how weak my legs had become from two years of forced inactivity because of surgeries. I vowed when we got back to Lafayette, that I would continue the wallking and consider it an exercise.

A few days of walking around my neighorhood and I remembered the Beach Cruiser bike resting in the Little House. I wheeled it to the front yard, aired up the tires and took it for a practice run. Wobbling and weaving, I rode a block or two. The next afternoon, I again climbed aboard and rode a little farther. Within a week, I was up to a mile which I usually rode after dark. A full moon hung in the sky and as I rode, I would find my attention pulled skyward to catch a glimpse of that full moon. A beautiful bauble of gold, it lit up the streets and helped the street lights vanish the darkness.
I enjoyed my night rides beneath that moon. During my night rides, which gradually increased in distance, I watched the moon as it waned and soon became a thin sliver in the sky. As the nights passed and I rode by the street lights and the light on the front of my bike, the moon began to wax until tonight, I am once again riding to the full moon. I have patiently waited.
The moon is full and I'm going on a late night ride. It's midnight here and I will be riding beneath that golden orb and enjoying every mile of it.
I'm done.

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  1. Nice!
    And, you have such an expressive voice when you write, very cool.


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