Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Weekend Ended

Bikes and BBQ's, cool nights and warm windy days and the weekend comes to a close.

That's an encapsulated version of the past two days. Riding the streets with Carrie and Ted, we passed houses with colorful flowers filling the flower beds and clay pots placed around entry ways. The winter flowers boast a spring like look to the homes in this neighborhood.

I took Carrie home after our second bike ride of the day and then did a few more laps before I shut down for the night. As I rode the streets, an acrid odor filled the air and I was at a loss as to what was burning. Was it a house fire? No. Wood smoke? Yes, and  then I realized what it was. Fireplaces were being lit against the chill of the evening. A year has come and gone since the last lighting of the fireplaces here. The smell of wood smoke had become foreign.

Sometime today, I watched the Saints play and when the score became so lopsided that the game lost it's excitement, I tuned out and back in much later for the final score. 

More then once today, I talked via cell phone to an old friend from WV. We laughed and talked  and played "do you remember" and sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't. Sometimes a name she would mention or a place would cause a burst of remembrance of someones name that had long since been forgotten or buried some where in my brain waiting for a word to launch it to my frontal lobes.

There is nothing like old relationships that are rekindled and flare as if only yesterday those  times spent together feel so close. Though years have passed, talking with this friend felt as natural as it did over 30yrs ago. That's what old childhood friends do. They hang in there for a lifetime.
It's time for me to climb into bed and recharge.

Thanks for the memories Ellen. It was great fun to giggle the evening away with you!

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