Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rain Stop! and GO VOTE!

Normally a couple of days of rain is nothing that bothers me and I still feel the same way but I would have liked to exercise this morning and since my form of exercise is a nice leg strengthening bike ride, I had to sit on the porch and watch it rain.

I checked on and off to see if there would be a cease but not until around 1600 hrs did it let up. While the rain poured down, Ted and I worked on his bike for a while and the odometer was put on my bike. Now I can ride off the "designated mile" and still know how many miles I've traveled. This is important to me as I'm tracking my mileage and trying to increase it in daily increments. It's all about getting my legs in walking shape.
The husband says we can't go back to Europe because I can't keep up the pace I did the last time we were there.
I have a goal and to return to Italy or make a trip to Spain and Portugal to vacation keeps me pumping those pedals.
Around 1600 hrs when the rain abated, I got to ride 4 miles before it started sprinkling. I returned back to the house. It has stopped again so I'm going back for a few more miles then call it a day but first I'm going to VOTE!!
Happy trails to everyone..and I'm gone...

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