Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday and The Roadster

I should be in the shower instead of sitting here with this laptop. I would if I could stand up. The thought of moving to an upright position causes me some distress. I'm tired....and I'm hot and sweaty and the aroma I'm emitting is less then desirable. Is that more information then you needed or wanted? I just finished a 5 mile bike ride. I don't want to move again.

The little roadster made it's appearance today but not without some trepidation. The now previous owner who will be known as "T",  called and said she would be over in an hour to leave the car. This was at 1300 hrs and since I was at Pat's house, I hurried home and waited. And waited. And waited some more.

I picked up the cell phone when I heard a chime and it was a text message and this is what it said:

As soon as I slam back the last 4 beers from this case I've been drinking all afternoon, I should be there with the car. By the time I leave here I should be as loose as a goose.  If I should overshoot and wind up in Dugas, my husband will know how to find me.

I texted back : Too funny! See ya in a bit.

Soon another text was received:
I'm finished with the beer. I'm on my way. I'm looking for the place to insert the key to start the car.

Can you see why I was a bit stressed? I've already paid for this little red roadster and now I'm wondering if I will ever get to drive it or if it will be a SMALL hunk of twisted metal somewhere between here and her house.

She eventually arrived..and the text she sent right before she arrived was:
I'm on my way. Hope I can find your house. I have dibs on driving it back to my house where you will take over the car. Your job is to keep me laughing so I won't cry Lollipop!

Ok, now I'm Lollipop? I can be Lollipop. Yes I can. Just don't total the car getting it here.

Pat was standing in her yard waiting for the roadster to pass her  house. The daughter called and said "did you get the car yet? and when I told her "no". She said, "I saw that little hooker pass David's Hardware store, the top down and movin' on".

Pat, standing in her yard saw it pass and instead of turning down my street, it continued on through. I'm on the phone with "T" (now previous owner) and we have determined that she has missed the turn down my street.
I direct her back to the stop sign and tell her I'm standing on the porch waving at her. For a few moments she waves at me, then sails right on by my driveway. It's at this time that I step into the yard and scream.
I think it was all the beer drinking that was causing the confusion.
I still had to ride with her back across town to her house. I survived and the little red roadster survived. I had a great time cruising back home with the top down, enjoying perfect weather for riding without a top!
The neighbors had to visit and check it out. Pat and friend showed up and everyone was excited for me. Great friends and neighbors. I was happy that they shared my excitement.
It's shower time. I'm gone for now to return later with an aroma of fresh strawberries, Zest soap and pajamas that are sweat free! 


  1. I can't believe you let her drive it back!

  2. ME EITHER! sheeze..what was I to do. She held the keys..and the dang title!


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