Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 miles and I'm Back

Carrie spent the night at her house and I was happy about this. After coffee this morning, I got to get back to my morning bike ride. I cruised the neighborhood, speeding through the stop signs and sometimes riding the sidewalks if a car was at the intersection. I hate slowing down for traffic so I ride combined the sidewalk and the street. I bought a wind jacket yesterday that fits snug to the body and has some flat pockets to stash cell phone should I have a massive cardiac arrest and survive it long enough to make a phone call and I have thought about this happening. 

 I wore that jacket for the first lap this morning but one lap was enough. It's close to 80 degrees here right now so I shed that jacket on the second pass by my house. I got in 5 miles of riding this morning and I'm back on schedule.

Right now, we are off to the casino for the afternoon. I'll take a book and sit outside and read. It's much to nice a day to be indoors.
I'm gone!

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