Monday, November 15, 2010

Rice and Red Roadsters

The rice worked it's magic. Remember me tellin ya about my sweaty phone? If I carry my phone in my purse I never hear it ring. If it's in a pocket, same thing.
My answer to this dilemma was to carry it close to my chest in my chest pockets, more commonly called a "bra". When a buzz would start, I would grab my left chest "pocket" and whip out my cell phone and answer it before the sound of a ring tone ever pierced the air.
I can imagine people watching and thinking I was in cardiac arrest with all this chest grabbing. I didn't know any of these people so they can think what they like unless a call to 911 was eminent.

I have strayed from my story and the reason for all this sharing of where and why I carry my cell phone.

All this chest hugging has caused the phone to become saturated with salt water or sweat as it is more indelicately known.

This phone, which was acquired in March of this year was to replace the Razor that got caught in the wheels of my wheelchair, which is a whole 'nuther story. I was in need of a wheelchair while recouping from a foot surgery and we shall just let that story slide for now.
Moisture is not a friend of any  electronic device and my cell was doing some strange things and when it wasn't, it wasn't doing anything at all. The phone store popped the back off, noted the change in color on the moisture detector and told me it had been in water.
A new phone would cost me full price and it would be a cheapo model, not the World phone I had been enjoying with the full keyboard for those oh so important text messages we can't live without.
Rice! Turn it off, remove the back and submerge it in a bag of rice. The rice will absorb the moisture; or we hope it will so last night my phone spent the night in a bag of rice. Wonder of wonders, it worked and I'm back in business though I no longer have a "pocket" to carry it now. I may have to find a fanny pack for all the stuff.
 A cell phone, ear buds for the ITouch and the ITouch itself and keeping track of all this stuff with all the chargers for everything and I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed.
My daughter vetoes the fanny pack as an accessory sure to cause her embarrassment should we ever be seen together. She doesn't have an answer to carrying all this stuff while biking around so I may just be oh so unfashionable and wear one anyway.
I did all my riding early today. Strapping the ITouch to my upper arm, ear buds tickling my eardrums, I breezed along listening to Carole King, Aaron Neville and tunes both old and new. I have over 350 songs now in that little gadget and everyday the husband loads more onto it. Soon I will be able to listen for a year without hearing the same song twice.
I'm riding longer. As soon as one song ends, another begins and I keep pedaling so I can keep listening. I never had a great desire to own a music player.  I'm now hooked. No more CD's to shuffle around in the car. Just plug in this little device that is a little thicker then a credit car and VOILA...days of music. It can be set to "shuffle" and random songs play, or it can be set to play entire artist's albums or whatever they are called now. Albums, 8 tracks, cassettes and  CD's and now MP3's and baby..we have moved on!
A note on the little roadster. I LOVE it. I'm humming along and a big truck appears behind me. I kick it down, grab a gear and it feels as though a rocket launch was initiated. I move out in a flash.  Quick response in turns and it's a fun little machine to drive.

I'm looking forward to the next road trip. The husband should have a job up soon and hopefully I will be able to follow along. He can haul my suitcases.

It's taco time here and the aroma flowing from the kitchen has my taste buds drooling.
I'm outta here to enjoy some tacos and a brew and since the rain is finally here, my evening ride has been cancelled which was expected. I watched the weather reports this morning.
I'm done.


  1. Apart from my laptop and very basic mobile phone I can't be doing with technology. It causes me too much stress. Although I do envy those people who can really get to grips with it all!

  2. Cameras, internet, computers and phones I'm fine with. It's the music stuff that I have never been interested enough to purchase. I watch the husband load music onto it and there are steps to follow. I tunes, external hard drive, then to the IPod, change all the information on the CD, add the artwork and on and on and on. Too much for me. I supposed if I HAD to do it, I could figure it out. The problem is, I don't wanna!


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