Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Watching the suitcases and work clothes leaving this house moved by the husband as he gets ready to leave tomorrow morning on a job, I sit back and stay out of his way. He has packed his stuff for 25 yrs and the best help I can give him is to step back and let him move unhindered. That was this morning.

After he finished his tasks, the bikes were wheeled out and in the sunshine, we pedaled away. Out of this subdivision to explore in places I hadn't been on my bike. We kept to the sidewalks on the main street and took side roads as soon as one was available. 

Through Fox Run, a big apartment complex, we rode over streets that have speed bumps and potholes. Sometimes it was a rough ride with inclines that caused us to gear down and pedal quickly. 12 miles today. These miles were not the usual flat road ride.   
I still can't catch the husband on his bike. He never looks stressed on his ride. It looks effortless for him to ride the hills, across the grass or rough terrain. I bypass all that and try to stay on the pavement. I'm a beginner and it shows.
Dinner, a shower and to bed. I'm done.

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