Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bird Done

My goose is cooked or the bird is done. The bird is done and gone along with the family. We had a pleasant afternoon. Everyone played nice but then they usually do. The daughter helped with the preparation and the clean up. The smokers headed for the patio while everybody else found a spot in the living room and watched Avatar On Demand. I visited with the smokers and never once craved a smoke. I've came a long way babeeeeeeeee....

Sometimes I only realize after the fact that I sat with everyone that had a tube, bright red on one end and filled with tobacco pinched between their lips, smoke curling out of their nose and mouth and I didn't yearn to be sucking in smoke and getting a dopamine rush. The dopamine was alright but the rest of it sucked and I'm happy that finally I'm not sucking on one. I'll have to get my dopamine from some other source.

Speaking of, which we weren't, the weather here is getting rocky. A tornado has been spotted on the ground and headed this way. I'm watching the information crawl across the bottom of my tv screen. I already called the daughter and told her to be alert. I don't know what we would do other then hide in the tub together. No below ground shelters here. That would be known as a pool of water since we are so beneath sea level.  Your chances of drowning would be more of a danger to you then having the tornado find you.
I'm publishing this now. If my laptop disappears, the blogger will hold onto this until I make it back.
I'm done..


  1. You didn't mention NO beat Dallas.

  2. I know! I didn't even watch the game..but...sadly..I'm sure it was predicted to be a bigger loss by points gained over the Cowboys, who KINDA suck this season. Instead it was a bare win..and top it off..I sat beneath the TV, didn't see the game..was busy with daughter, who gets snippy if I dont't pay attention..(my story not hers) when she is working on my cell phone!


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