Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Take It Or Leave It

I'm an alert type of girl. I learn easily and without two many repeat performances before my brain grasps and retains what you are attempting to teach me.

After a few weeks of riding my bike around the neighborhood, which started in an attempt to do some leg strenghtening, which is why I probably didn't make the following observation earlier, I noticed. 

Burgulary. Casing your next hit. An observation for all you less then honest folks that are looking to forage, pillage and plunder for some money or something of value to hock that will allow you  to purchase those drugs that zoom you through the day.

What a less obtrusive way to case houses in the neighborhoods then to take up bike riding. Early morning rides; late night rides and they all look so innocent. I noticed this as I was riding the neighborhood early this morning. Lights were coming on in the windows, a few cars were backing out of their driveways and on my third trip around the block  I could imagine a fellow on a bike taking note.

As my ride continued, I noted the mothers still in night clothes seeing their children out the door,  another that apparently works the night shift some where standing at her door, packages in hand trying to unlock it and get inside.

Rounding the blocks of houses again and again, I noted more lights coming on and apparently these people had to be at work an hour later.

Some houses had two cars in the driveway and as my rides wound around again, two cars would leave. Both adults work. 

How many early morning rides and late night rides would it take to have everyone's schedules laced down tight? 

Watch for that innocent looking bike rider. He may make a visit some day when you are out.  

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