Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Done, Never Started

What happened to today? The bike was abandoned but not by choice. The sun poured out of the sky onto a windless day and doing laps around the neighborhood would have been my pleasure had I had a choice.
Carrie spent the night and at 1100 hrs she was still asleep. Had she not been here, I would have been on that bike at 0900 hrs and on my way.
I have made it a policy to not keep her overnight so it doesn't interfere with my exercise routine. Morning rides and evening rides, I've strictly adhered to for the past month. Today was blown. I'll start again tomorrow morning  and Carrie will be spending her nights with her mom. I know this might sound selfish, but I'm entitled at this time in my life to spend some time on me.
Carrie will be collected around noon from her house to spend time here and then returned back to her house before 1800hrs. She likes her little bicycle and enjoys going on her rides with me. Those rides are at a different pace then what I do when doing my laps so I don't want to give up the rides I do alone for exercise.
Do I think the riding has been beneficial? No longer do I have episodes of shortness of breath, gluts don't hurt from walking and my legs have gained a great deal of their previous strength. My energy level has returned to what I enjoyed before the leg and foot surgeries.
In less then a month the benefits are noticeable.
Besides Carrie being here and sleeping till noon, the daughter called with a request to shop at Sam's and since she didn't have a card, I was voted to go along with her. Still no bike ride and by the time we got back the husband was returning from his job.
I'll ride tomorrow morning early and get back to it before I find it too easy to give up and claim the sofa again.
I'm off here to check Facebook and then shut this down for the night.
Sweet dreams folks.

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