Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mid Life WHAT???

Isn't it too cute for words? I know it's not a 'vette. I don't want to spend what a vette would cost though owning a 'vette would have been at one time something I would have appreciated.

These little cars are no longer manufactured. I think the last year for them was either 2008 or 2009.

To buy one now, it will have to be used and I have found a very lightly used one. Bright red roadster, convertible and a 5 speed and how could this not be a fun little ride?

I'm going to go drive it tomorrow and will then decide if it's what I want. The husband had no problem with me getting it. I hesitate. Is this what happens when you are having a mid life crisis? I don't feel as though I'm having any kind of crisis, mid life or otherwise. I've always liked speedy vehicles but have restrained myself from having some thing that was this impractical. I think it might be time for me to be a little impractical. No children at home, no bills and some money in the bank and why not? I can't really think of a lot of reasons to NOT buy it and enjoy for as long as I want. I can always get rid of it when it doesn't suit me any longer.
I also think of the 260.00 per month times the past 24 months that I no longer spend on cigarettes. I know it doesn't cover the cost of the little red car but in a few years more it might get close. I'm trying to justify buying this.
Tonight I'm a little excited, a little hesitant and not sure at all what I will decide tomorrow. Here's hoping she still has it for sale!
It looks as though my bike riding may be halted for the next few days. A cold front is headed this way and we may even get frost! Imagine that. A white coating on the roof tops and we can all imagine what a snow fall would be like.
Next week we should be back to normal weather and I'll be riding to make up for lost time. I rode the new bike for a while this afternoon. At first I hated it. It is so different from the beach cruiser and thinking there was something wrong with it, I talked the husband into letting me take his new bike for a spin. I hated his even more so I'm guessing it's going to be a matter of getting used to a different ride.
I'm becoming more safety conscious with this bike stuff. Today I added a rear red light that strobes and a new headlight. I like to ride the neighborhood at night and though we have streetlights, I'm always a bit nervous when a car approaches. I now blink a bright red and have a halogen headlight. That should be enough for the touring around here.


  1. Sometimes you do something simply because it is fun. It has nothing to do with age.

  2. Thank you! I've had a lot of comments on Facebook...and most of them have been positive and laced with excitement for my new car!
    I'm waiting on the title!


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