Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've made an important discovery today. We've talked  before about my problem lately with knee flexion? Unable to get my foot midway on the bike pedal, I would stand down on it and my foot would slip off. Very frustrating for me when this would happen and painful to try to flex that knee far enough back to make riding a fun thing to do instead of the self torture I was practicing.
Today we checked once again the seat on the bike. We also unclasped the lock on it and raised it an inch. That inch, though small, did the trick. I'm back in business and I'm a happy biker once again. I rode for a while this afternoon before the temperatures took a dive. Tomorrow is supposed to be another rainy cold day so I'll be grounded. You know you've been making some miles when you pass the neighbor's house down the block and they comment "You've been racking up a lot of miles on that bike huh?"
I agreed, smiled, waved and rode on. As I biked around the blocks I noticed all the new vehicles parked in driveways. Is there a big sale going on? The new Camaros, which I think are hot stuff, are abundant along with the Dodge Chargers and again, another car that is in demand and a beauty. Did the automakers hire some new design staff?  
We didn't make a trip to the casino. The husband is feeling under the weather so he drank a bunch of beer because we all know that will slow or stop a virus. I don't think it's working although after  almost a 12 pack he really doesn't care. Foot ball games and sofa time is the main activity around here today. 

Carrie is spending the night. She is busily playing her Nintendo, the husband is crashed out and I'm on my way to the kitchen to clean up the dinner mess. My next big event will be to go to bed.

Did I mention that I did a test run by the husband on a trip to Europe this spring?  It didn't go well. His answer?  "I'll wait till that bridge is built. I don't want anybody groping my junk." I totally understand his feelings about the TSA. I mentioned that we could do as the young lady did just this past week. She showed up in a string bikini. Not even a smile. 

I'm done and I'm gone.



  1. Waiting for that bridge to be built seems like a reasonable thing to do.

  2. C'mon..a little grope here and there never hurt anyone..ask any female that spent an evening out in a bar after midnight when every male there was over his limit on acohol...

  3. I AM kiddin..with that comment. Daughter says she would rather be groped then have someone take over the plane while she is in flight. Me? Please,, I demand a dinner date before being groped; lots of wine, knowing your first name, meeting your parents....(I'm an old fashioned sort of girl)


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