Monday, November 29, 2010

Football Gods and UnSaintly Behavior

I have to say I've watched The Titan player and The Texan player beat each other with their helmets, fists and feet on replay after replay  and I'm so glad I don't have a son that aspires to this "sport". There was  nothing sporting about that sight. For this, each player was fined 25,000.00 which to them is like fining them 25.00. That'll show em huh? They'll be in the next games played by their respective teams. The Titan player that left the field applauding himself will have a wonderful clip to show his sons and grandsons. Ya gotta love the egos that envelope the gods of football. 

I had an encounter with one of these gods at one time in my life. It wasn't football but basketball that provided this husband with his status and stature although his 6ft 11.5 inches in height would attract enough attention when he walked into a room.  I would watch him "work" people and watch those people get drawn in and I understood the phrase "like moths to the light". A conscious wasn't a part of their social makeup. Today they call it antisocial but it's really a phrase that plays pretty with a lack of any morality.  Entitlement. I admire the strength and talent of these athletes but gods they are not. I've never been overly impressed with movie stars, musicians or athletes. I can admire what they do but still expect them to have some decency, honesty and integrity.
I will still watch LSU and The Saints..and speaking of...another headline on sports.
One of the Saints players is married to a young lady that lives in Youngsville, which is a suburb of this city. Last night they were at one of the downtown bars when they had a disagreement.   He dragged her from the bar to his car by her hair. The police showed up and arrested him and to jail he went.
Will Goes To Jail Now, wouldn't ya think this guy would know that with his job as a professional football player, his antics would be front page news and top of the hour broadcasting on the local news channel here?  How much would you have to drink to space that out?
Spare me from ever having another close encounter with a professional sports person. Once a lifetime was enough.  I maybe painting with a wide brush these players. I know there are some that lead an honorable life. My daughters half sister is engaged to a young man that played for the Colts and the Eagles. Steve. A big fellow but soft spoken and one who ignored the limelight; he never talked football when he was introduced here.

It's time for me to get a quick shower. The husband isn't feeling well at all so like any caring, doting wife, I gathered up the daugher and children and left him to fend for himself while we went out to dinner. As soon as I got home, I headed for the bike to do a few laps before the rains started again. 

The winds started kicking up and after about 4 miles, I headed back to the house. As I entered the house, the sounds of the disaster siren was blaring across the television announcing tornado watch in effect. 

I'll watch for that tornado from my bed. I'm done. 

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