Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Ok, so it's not ice nor snow but it glitters and it has draped itself over the rooftops and trees and overflowed to the lawns. It's cold and crunchy underfoot requiring shoes be worn. It appears as though Old Man Winter visited last night.

I can see the bands of sunlight reaching the rooftops and the white crispy stuff surrending to warmth, feeble as it may be this Wednesday morning. Welcome December.

No one flipped the switch on the thermostat from it's setting to a/c from yesterday so I sit here beneath a light blanket, comfortable except for the sting of chilled air on my shoulders. 36 degrees reads the temperature gauge and it's much too late to flip it over to the "heat" setting.
By noon today it will be in the mid to upper 50's and our "one day of winter" will have moved on.

I have a roughed out shopping list. My four hour shopping spree gets it all done. I'm not one to linger in the crowds.
 The coffee is hot and I sip carefully while sitting here in front of the television watching a commercial. The commercial is for a sporting goods store here that is advertising, of all things, snow boots. As the coffee works it's magic on my brain, the message from that commercial worms it's way though the gray cells. What? Snow boots? Maybe I should check the weather forecast for this area.
58 degrees is forecast. I guess I can forego a purchase of snow boots.
I'm outta here to get dressed and get a plan for this day.

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