Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chill Ride

Breezy and cool, I stepped outside to check the temperature. Puddles of water are standing on the concrete and the grass is squishy and by clever deduction, it must have rained during the night. The sky is dark, but I can make out big ugly clouds moving slowly blotting out the scattered stars and then moving along to reveal them again.

I wanted to ride early this morning. I thought I would miss the traffic of the work force, so I cleared the odometer and set out.

Riding into the wind causes me to have to pedal harder but that's not a problem. It's resistance that is working those legs. The cool breeze against my skin is another story. Maybe I should dig out my ski skins and wear them beneath my clothes. Snug to the body to avoid wind resistance, these ski skins I wore on all my mountain runs.

I'll be looking for a nap early this afternoon. Getting up at 0400 hrs isn't something I planned to do. After a few cups of coffee and a ride, going back to sleep was not a possiblity.
11 miles total ride yesterday. It has been about 3 weeks since I began doing the bike thing. From wobbly rider to a ride now that has me leaning into the curves and pedaling quickly on the straight aways, I'm enjoying this the more I do it. Water is now my drink of choice, except for my morning coffee.

Things to do, places to go and I'm gone!

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