Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, And Too Busy

Yesterday. Windy. I peeked out the door and inched my foot outside to test the waters. Would it be long pants or short pants today? Testing the bite in the air from the carport was flawed reasoning. Not until  I wheeled down the driveway, did the full force of the breezy weather wake me up with a sting. I don't enjoy riding in this but I left the driveway and moved down the street.
The quads in my right leg signaled and the signal wasn't a friendly wave. Soreness and cramping and the needed flexion wasn't there. Pulling up the leg of my pants, I checked my knee for swelling and excess fluid. That wasn't the problem. Thinking back to the last ride, I remembered the hills we rode. I remembered gearing down and still struggling with the terrain. This is payment or maybe this is the "no pain, no gain" mantra uttered by those exercise gurus. No matter, I'm not a fan of pain.
I cut my ride short and still question the wisdom of that decision but then thinking upon this, maybe it wasn't a bad decision. Gym workouts consist of working  one set of muscles one day and rotating to a total new set the next day. I'm going with that and not beat myself up for not making my miles yesterday.

I'll try again today. It's 48 degrees and almost 0600hrs and the winds are at 5 to 10 miles an hr. The temperatures are supposed to be in the low 70's. Can  you detect which TV show I'm watching? The weather channel is boasting all the snow the ski slopes out west are receiving right now. I would love to be in Lake Tahoe.The hubs could do his black jack and I could slip down some runs? I'm dreaming.

 Some people's fantasies are about winning the lotto, living in a castle or being a famous personality. Me? I just wanna ski. I want to feel the sting of the cold on my face. I want to feel the moisture in my nostrils freeze, the sounds and the silences of the mountain and the white pureness of an untracked slope.

Please. If I'm ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, could you please strap a pair of skis on my feet and shove me down a ski run? Enough. I'm wrapping these thoughts up in a pretty brain package, tying a pink and white bow on that parcel and shoving it back into one of the many closets in my skull. I have a lot of "maybe someday" packages stored there. One more won't rock the boat.
Today I will be spending some time in the DMV office. I picked up the title to the Solstice last night. The paperwork was neatly notarized, signed and the last of the money was exchanged. I'm ready to finish off this fiasco of the title that was  loan held in California and title held in Texas. Jumping through all the hoops to get that title to Lafayette was frustrating and time consuming for both the seller and myself. A lot of trust between both of us was required. I sent the money to California to pay off the loan and she still had the car parked at her house. After a few days, she decided it was OK for me to have it parked here though I still owed her the difference between the payoff and the amount she wanted for the car.

Yesterday the title made it in and we met last night to finish the paperwork and the money.

The daughter dropped by last night and I questioned her about a vanity plate for the car. The daughter is quick witted, a bit of a smart ass, and a lot funny.
 She grinned and without missing a beat, she suggested 4Play, Foreplay, or ForPlay.
Maybe I should have asked her for a second choice? I wonder at her ready answer. Her dream has always been to own a little convertible and I'm sure her vanity plate she had thought about too.

I'm done. It's time to put on my clothes, my face and gather together my goals for today.


    TKNITWME(taken it w/ me) Shane suggested PIMPIN, NOFUPA, CUZICAN, GTHALF.

  2. you are NOT Anonymous...I know who you are. Our DNA matches!


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